Educational Satire

Here’s a tweet of concern from Ann Coulter who’s basically saying, “”I care about Muslims but I voted for the man who proposed Muslims to wear stars, so it’s not like I only care about Muslims harmed by Muslims when it fits my spin”.

Read this satirical post on Bangladesh 😀 BUT! But read the notes below to understand this post better if you don’t know much about Bangladesh (which you probably don’t)

[NOTES: On Pakistan– Bangladesh, India and Pakistan used to be one single country. Until Pakistan decided it needed to start murdering the Bangali-speakers. As the war between Pakistan and Bangladesh pursued (and India helped Bangladesh to be free as well), the three countries were divided once Bangladesh won.

On England– England tried to ruin the country too. Murdering, raping and forcing people to labor in Indigo Farming (read: Indigo Revolt). But India and Pakistan won the fight against them. But Bangladesh has one official Independent Day because more people were murdered by Pakistanis than by the English.

On Religious Pilgrimages, all of my family came back to the country safely lol, I don’t get how they can get lost unless something terrible happens, you’ll know what I mean if you read the post]

How Will Immigration Change Under Trump?– “People must now declare all terroristic intentions at border crossings” and “Only admit workers with the skills to survive on $18,000 a year” (Oh, the cheap labor joke). Read more at The Onion

Who is Rex Tillerson? -“Rex Wayne Tillerson was the CEO of ExxonMobil…. that made trillions during the war on Terra against Afghanistan and Iraq. …..He gave up his CEO Job to join in with Donald J. Trump for the Make America Great Again campaign, that would allow fossil fuel companies to keep making record profits instead of switching to renewable and green energy sources.”- Source