Le Donald, Le Trevor, Le Scientists, Le Chaos

Imagine my shock when Trevor Noah is featured in a podcast I listen to- Freakonomics: Trevor Noah Has a Lot to Say. I have finished Trevor Noah’s book Born a Crime and I have to say, I am always confused by who the person I am listening to at his show; he looks so different from how I’d imagine someone to go through hardships like he had (appearances deceive). I love how instead of calling it ‘White privilege” (which says Whites having a good time, they might go, “I may be a White man, but I AM suffering”.), it should be called “Black disadvantage” or “female disadvantage”. Anyway if you’re very sensitive to jokes on religions, you shouldn’t listen to this podcast.

“By Thursday morning, less than 24 hours after his order was signed, Trump’s dubious optimism suffered a public blow when Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto announced that he would not be attending a meeting in Washington…..

Responding to the Mexican president through his preferred medium of public communication, Trump tweeted Wednesday night that the meeting might be cancelled if Mexico refuses to pay for the wall. “- The Intercept

Mexico already informed Trump they wouldn’t be attending Trump’s proposed rendezvous on paying for the wall. You know, like how Mexico was so insistent on paying before? Like how they said it OVER and OVER about how much they wanted to build an expensive wall for Trump? Trump’s tweet insinuates the phony power he has over Mexico; as if Mexico already agreed and now it’s better to call the meeting off with them. BETTER to do it, not like it’s what’s supposed to happen when a guest doesn’t come to your ‘pay my wall’-party.

But Trump has already been taking baby-steps. He’s actually made a little wall already by electrical lines with shoes tied to it-

REUTERS-Jose Luis Gonzalez.jpg
REUTERS-Jose Luis Gonzalez

In other Trump news- Trump’s having some bone to pick with scientists- “muzzling federal employees, freezing EPA contracts, and first telling the EPA to remove mentions of climate change from its website — and then reversing course” (The Intercept). I don’t think Scientists can post anything without adding ‘perpetrated by the Chinese’ in the end of their statements. [Note: Muzzling federal employees means that “Trump administration requires studies, data from EPA undergo review by political appointees before public release.”- AP. I never had to run my science homework by the Government, but I might’ve gotten better grades if I did! :)]