Scaredy-Cat Syrians and Other Tweets

What a screening process for refugees looks like-

Important news: Most Isis victims are Muslims despite President’s planned exemption for Christians (I knew this before but I am glad The Independent raised more awarenesss of this)

It’s not a Muslim-ban (as if Trump already didn’t mention any such bans before that might confuse you).

5-year old refugee vs. Trump.

Some previous  Tweets worth mentioning-

Look! Person bravely tweeting about people having drones thrown over them! (Not to confuse ‘Stand up’ with ‘risking lives of vets to fight in other countries for your political motivations, like for seizing control of state, stealing their oil, etc. causing an influx of refugees to spill over out their own defeated countries)

A good note when someone tells you about us MOOOOOOSlems

Some thoughts from Heidi Priebe-