News 1: “Anti-Fascist” Radical

Remember the Milo event I mentioned before? Where the shooter of a protestor walked free of any charges? Well, now hate is also coming from the other side of radicals, in growing numbers. Oh God. While I understand the need to protest racists who write about bleaching a nation, I don’t understand lighting things on fire, throwing smoke bombs, punching* supporters and smashing everything. I don’t know why I didn’t see this news before. This is destruction.

*I don’t agree with punching supporters but I agree with punching nazi-leaders, like Hitler or any leader who teaches people to worship Hitler. Killing religious minorities didn’t start with tanks and concentration camps.

News 2: SIX MILLION Bengalis displaced due to climate change impacts in Bangladesh

If you keep ignoring global warming because you don’t live in a country like mine with poor people who frequently deal with consequences of other people’s mistakes- fuck you. The water levels are rising more and more; our country is predicted to go absolutely under water.

News 3: Dowry: money that poor women give to husbands to allow them to stay home and work for said-husbands. The Dowry Prohibition Act signed in 2017 in Jan’30th, while it is a useful step to progress in this country, you have to understand the dynamics of how this culture still goes on. For example, even though we are middle-class families, my family (like most others’) worry and think that marriage will be this GREAT, BIG, YUGE solution to living a stable life. When someone mentions of their daughter’s marriage, the first thing I often hear, right after congratulating the parent, is the talk of the burden off their shoulders now that their daughter had found the rock in her life. And because of this great demand (you know, economics, where there is demand, there is money involved), poor women are still pressured into paying for a man to work for.

Where poverty is acute, families and sometimes girls themselves believe that marriage will be a solution to secure their future.” Brides who are younger even have to pay smaller amounts in dowry, which further encourages child marriage. These young brides (read: children) passing into hostile marital environments often face domination and abuse in their formative years, both through personal experience and by witnessing the torture of women in their households, including mothers, sisters and female in-laws.- The stubborn tentacles of dowry culture