Terrifying Trump News

President Bannon is pumping up the Breitbarters

The White house includes list of Islamic Terror attacks around the globe (did they forget the bigger number of people getting bombs and those ending up as refugees, like Muslims droned by the White House? Where’s the list for that?) and misspell ‘attacker’ and ‘San Bernadino’ in their report. Anyway, while you go through this read, remember to read this article on how WH can make a thousand drone-attacks ‘unreported’. Yes, I dislike people only showing one country’s side of things. IS and Whitehouse are both terrorists

Dictator Trump is still going against the constitution-

Adolf Trump also introduced a bill to stop collecting data on the ‘What do you have to lose?’-people

I subscribed to the RSS-feed of Amy Siskind who compiles a list of things Trump does every week because there are TOO many things that he does for us to read the news of every single one of them. Reading whatever is the current buzz with Trump-news, including the trivial ones, will make you miss out on important news. It’s better to read them in a list and then if you’re interested in one of Trump’s activities from the list, THEN search for whatever news you want to read about Trump. Here’s this week’s list of Trump-doings.



News 1: “Anti-Fascist” Radical

Remember the Milo event I mentioned before? Where the shooter of a protestor walked free of any charges? Well, now hate is also coming from the other side of radicals, in growing numbers. Oh God. While I understand the need to protest racists who write about bleaching a nation, I don’t understand lighting things on fire, throwing smoke bombs, punching* supporters and smashing everything. I don’t know why I didn’t see this news before. This is destruction.

*I don’t agree with punching supporters but I agree with punching nazi-leaders, like Hitler or any leader who teaches people to worship Hitler. Killing religious minorities didn’t start with tanks and concentration camps.

News 2: SIX MILLION Bengalis displaced due to climate change impacts in Bangladesh

If you keep ignoring global warming because you don’t live in a country like mine with poor people who frequently deal with consequences of other people’s mistakes- fuck you. The water levels are rising more and more; our country is predicted to go absolutely under water.

News 3: Dowry: money that poor women give to husbands to allow them to stay home and work for said-husbands. The Dowry Prohibition Act signed in 2017 in Jan’30th, while it is a useful step to progress in this country, you have to understand the dynamics of how this culture still goes on. For example, even though we are middle-class families, my family (like most others’) worry and think that marriage will be this GREAT, BIG, YUGE solution to living a stable life. When someone mentions of their daughter’s marriage, the first thing I often hear, right after congratulating the parent, is the talk of the burden off their shoulders now that their daughter had found the rock in her life. And because of this great demand (you know, economics, where there is demand, there is money involved), poor women are still pressured into paying for a man to work for.

Where poverty is acute, families and sometimes girls themselves believe that marriage will be a solution to secure their future.” Brides who are younger even have to pay smaller amounts in dowry, which further encourages child marriage. These young brides (read: children) passing into hostile marital environments often face domination and abuse in their formative years, both through personal experience and by witnessing the torture of women in their households, including mothers, sisters and female in-laws.- The stubborn tentacles of dowry culture



Short News: 4-Feb-17

1.Louvre museum is locked down after soldier shoots machete-wielding man screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ as he tried to tried to enter the building. Now he’s in custody- caught before he’s caused serious damage. I wanted to share an article about one country that’s actively removing ISIS by doing surprise searches in the houses of suspects. I forgot the title but if I can find it again I’ll share it.

2. Trump took some sanctions off Russia so that export of US-tech goes into Russia. This is making Dems nervous about the possibility of Trump taking more sanctions apart.

3. A Kansas man (not ‘Terrorist Suspect’, but ‘Kansas man’) was accused of plotting bombs on Somali immigrants.

4. Gina Haspel who had an “extensive role” in torturing detainees” is Trump’s select for the new CIA Deputy Director. The first female CIA Dep. director (who was chosen by Obama) is Avril Haines. Although Kellyanne Conway gave alternative facts regarding her being the first female to hold this position-

5. Recently I’ve been hearing about a ‘Milo-event’ on twitter when Trump complained about his women protestors. I am late to the news but here’s what I found- A Trump supporter at a Milo event shot an anti-fascist  protester- and walked away with no charges-  Trump Fan Who Shot Anti-Fascist Protester Set Free While Journalists Face 10 Years in Prison for Doing Their Jobs

6. My developing country- Bangladesh- has recently experienced a massive rise in crime by youngsters.

Many parents give their kids inordinate amounts of cash, gadgets and cars in lieu of their time, guidance and affection. Others think religious education is the only way to keep them on track, forgetting the dangers of distorted notions of religion that have given rise to militancy.- When children resort to crime

7. Trump threatens Mexican president with sending troops to attack  ‘bad hombres’ going into US if President Pena Nieto doesn’t get his act straight (You know?). Fox News lied that Trump was referring to Mexican drug-traffickers when “The excerpt of the call did not detail who exactly Trump considered “bad hombres,”

8.Looking into the lies of the White House on Trump’s recent raid

You know what?

A tiny bit of me idiotically had hope that this fascist wouldn’t continue the Bush/Obama tradition, but look what he’s doing since he knows more than the Generals.

Short News

News 1: Trump appointed Neil Gorsuch, the right-leaning “birth-control-is-bad” guy for Supreme Court. But why didn’t Obama have SCOTUS? Because GOP owns congress, that’s why.

News 2:

I am a little late with talking about this but Trump fired Sally Yates for disagreeing with his ban- note ‘DISAGREEING’- with his ban. And this is what basically happened-

Sally: This goes against our constitution

Trump: You’re fired

In Pictures

Tanks now in Avdiyivka, Ukraine, sent by Putin who’s locking head to head with NATO


REUTERS/Gleb Garanich

An Iraqi University destroyed during battle with Islamic State


REUTERS/Ahmed Jadallah

Photographer spots some Russian soldiers in Syria


REUTERS/Ali Hashisho




Thoughts, Tweets, News

Steve Bannon opened a shadow-like-account that makes him even less likely to get caught by authorities.As an NCS it would already allow Steve Bannon to put any American on the ‘kill’-list without having any trail of the assassination (My question: Did Breitbart ever have desires of bleaching a nation? Hm…). I’ve been occupied with these thoughts since morning.-

A man couldn’t reach his dying mother on time  for of Trump’s Muslim Ban.

Canadian PM sent a letter to ‘corporate’ news outlet- Fox- on correcting their info on the Quebec Shooting-


Donald Trump’s son hoped the Quebec shooter was a Muslim-


Scaredy-Cat Syrians and Other Tweets

What a screening process for refugees looks like-

Important news: Most Isis victims are Muslims despite President’s planned exemption for Christians (I knew this before but I am glad The Independent raised more awarenesss of this)

It’s not a Muslim-ban (as if Trump already didn’t mention any such bans before that might confuse you).

5-year old refugee vs. Trump.

Some previous  Tweets worth mentioning-

Look! Person bravely tweeting about people having drones thrown over them! (Not to confuse ‘Stand up’ with ‘risking lives of vets to fight in other countries for your political motivations, like for seizing control of state, stealing their oil, etc. causing an influx of refugees to spill over out their own defeated countries)

A good note when someone tells you about us MOOOOOOSlems

Some thoughts from Heidi Priebe-