Mosque Terror Attack and Trump’s Terror Attack on Yemen

PM of Canada shares his thoughts on Muslims killed by shooters who said “Allah hu akbar’. I noticed many on Twitter spreading propaganda on Muslim-bans while conveniently leaving out the ‘Muslims were killed’-part with this news.

Trump’s unconstitutional ban (because it violates religious freedom, I mentioned previously on Christian Syrian refugees being given more priority),s been paused (as of now).

Here is a reason why I love The Intercept- they do not romanticize the Obama years. Look at the news below as Trump keeps up US-traditions-

It highlighted how the Obama administration was ravaging Yemen, one of the world’s poorest countries: just weeks after he won the Nobel Prize, Obama used cluster bombs that killed 35 Yemeni women and children…..This is why it is crucial that – as urgent and valid protests erupt against Trump’s abuses….-Obama Killed a 16-year-old American in Yemen. Trump Just Killed his 8-year-old Sister.

(Yeah, but the above wasn’t an act of terrorism- that word is reserved for Muslims ONLY).

I posted about Chile on my other blog about how a big forest fire engulfed a huge part of the nation. Here’s another picture-



Political Distraction, perhaps?

  1. Political Distraction?

While all this news is going around about Trump’s Muslim-ban from seven Muslim-majority countries (‘cept the ones he has made the great art of the deals with, like Saudi), I have a theory the timing for electing Steve Bannon for NSC was done primarily because this news can hide behind the massive Muslim-bans news (yesterday being Holocaoust Memorial Day when he actually signed the ban)

I first heard of this theory here-

2. GOP and then the majority

Me and my family have a a different opinion of most America citizens now after seeing all the massive protests for such unconstitutional law. We will separate the majority of Americans from where the GOP stands.

Previously, if I had to pick from the Republican side- I’d have honestly chosen Paul Ryan (who also agreed this was unconstitutional, let alone denying access to green-card holders). Not anymore. You are unconstitutional, Ryan. I’m thinking of downloading an audiobook of the Constitution, I’ve been meaning to read one for a while. Anyway, here’s the tweet that sums up my feelings for the GOP

3.Hate breeds…eh…love.

And you know how hate only creates….no more hate, right? That’s how Iran reacted (Sigh)


Life is precious (if it follows the religious belief concerning life at conception). Life after birth? Eh.

I believe ‘pro-life’ should change to ‘religiously-pro-birth’. I am a religious person too. I personally wouldn’t go through with an abortion for myself, but to force my beliefs of when life starts on other women doesn’t sound right.

My Feelings In Summary

I am going to end this on the lightest way possible with this video of the perfectly legal Muslim Baba who (was was detained at the airport) finally joined his son (he’s legal, by the way). I found this funny and he’s right, Trump can be ‘stewped’ *Massive sigh*

Trump’s becoming Steve Bannon (if he wasn’t before)

Trump has temporarily banned Muslim visas from Muslim-majority countries excluding Saudia Arab, Pakistan, UAE, Egypt and Lebanon. 9/11 mentioned three times in his ban and Saudia Arab should’ve been the first on his ban-list. I WONDER why……..*thinks PRETTY hard*

Trump is also thinking of making a weekly publication for crimes committed by immigrants. Not ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Immigrants. ‘Aliens’ don’t mean ‘illegal immigrants’-‘alien’ means ‘belonging to a foreign country or nation.’ Welcome to the new normal 🙂

“The order reads:

To better inform the public regarding the public safety threats associated with sanctuary jurisdictions, the Secretary shall utilize the Declined Detainer Outcome Report or its equivalent and, on a weekly basis, make public a comprehensive list of criminal actions committed by aliens and any jurisdiction that ignored or otherwise failed to honor any detainers with respect to such aliens.”

– Independent.

Although Breitbart headlines will say it was only ‘illegal’ when no such clarification was made.

On Mexica-tax: Now that Meheeko ain’t paying for the wall, Trump is issuing tax on imports from Mexico, which means you- YOU- are paying for the wall. This tax doesn’t hurt Mexicans in the least, but it does go against the values of right-wing tax protesters. Another important point. You know when you let your buyer know (let alone a buyer who you think sends their worst people to you), about increasing tax? Don’t you think they’ll take advantage of it and increase the price of their exports even more? Now that they know how much value you’ve put on them for your needs?  You don’t BUY from other countries what you already have. Do you not think China won’t take advantage of this to increase THEIR export prices?

Le Donald, Le Trevor, Le Scientists, Le Chaos

Imagine my shock when Trevor Noah is featured in a podcast I listen to- Freakonomics: Trevor Noah Has a Lot to Say. I have finished Trevor Noah’s book Born a Crime and I have to say, I am always confused by who the person I am listening to at his show; he looks so different from how I’d imagine someone to go through hardships like he had (appearances deceive). I love how instead of calling it ‘White privilege” (which says Whites having a good time, they might go, “I may be a White man, but I AM suffering”.), it should be called “Black disadvantage” or “female disadvantage”. Anyway if you’re very sensitive to jokes on religions, you shouldn’t listen to this podcast.

“By Thursday morning, less than 24 hours after his order was signed, Trump’s dubious optimism suffered a public blow when Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto announced that he would not be attending a meeting in Washington…..

Responding to the Mexican president through his preferred medium of public communication, Trump tweeted Wednesday night that the meeting might be cancelled if Mexico refuses to pay for the wall. “- The Intercept

Mexico already informed Trump they wouldn’t be attending Trump’s proposed rendezvous on paying for the wall. You know, like how Mexico was so insistent on paying before? Like how they said it OVER and OVER about how much they wanted to build an expensive wall for Trump? Trump’s tweet insinuates the phony power he has over Mexico; as if Mexico already agreed and now it’s better to call the meeting off with them. BETTER to do it, not like it’s what’s supposed to happen when a guest doesn’t come to your ‘pay my wall’-party.

But Trump has already been taking baby-steps. He’s actually made a little wall already by electrical lines with shoes tied to it-

REUTERS-Jose Luis Gonzalez.jpg
REUTERS-Jose Luis Gonzalez

In other Trump news- Trump’s having some bone to pick with scientists- “muzzling federal employees, freezing EPA contracts, and first telling the EPA to remove mentions of climate change from its website — and then reversing course” (The Intercept). I don’t think Scientists can post anything without adding ‘perpetrated by the Chinese’ in the end of their statements. [Note: Muzzling federal employees means that “Trump administration requires studies, data from EPA undergo review by political appointees before public release.”- AP. I never had to run my science homework by the Government, but I might’ve gotten better grades if I did! :)]

Educational Satire

Here’s a tweet of concern from Ann Coulter who’s basically saying, “”I care about Muslims but I voted for the man who proposed Muslims to wear stars, so it’s not like I only care about Muslims harmed by Muslims when it fits my spin”.

Read this satirical post on Bangladesh 😀 BUT! But read the notes below to understand this post better if you don’t know much about Bangladesh (which you probably don’t)

[NOTES: On Pakistan– Bangladesh, India and Pakistan used to be one single country. Until Pakistan decided it needed to start murdering the Bangali-speakers. As the war between Pakistan and Bangladesh pursued (and India helped Bangladesh to be free as well), the three countries were divided once Bangladesh won.

On England– England tried to ruin the country too. Murdering, raping and forcing people to labor in Indigo Farming (read: Indigo Revolt). But India and Pakistan won the fight against them. But Bangladesh has one official Independent Day because more people were murdered by Pakistanis than by the English.

On Religious Pilgrimages, all of my family came back to the country safely lol, I don’t get how they can get lost unless something terrible happens, you’ll know what I mean if you read the post]

How Will Immigration Change Under Trump?– “People must now declare all terroristic intentions at border crossings” and “Only admit workers with the skills to survive on $18,000 a year” (Oh, the cheap labor joke). Read more at The Onion

Who is Rex Tillerson? -“Rex Wayne Tillerson was the CEO of ExxonMobil…. that made trillions during the war on Terra against Afghanistan and Iraq. …..He gave up his CEO Job to join in with Donald J. Trump for the Make America Great Again campaign, that would allow fossil fuel companies to keep making record profits instead of switching to renewable and green energy sources.”- Source




“Disrespect”ing Israel but not the Natives

Israel used to build settlements in  Palestine, and Former President Obama encouraged Israel to not do it for the sake of Palestinians living there. Now that Trump’s here…..

Since the dawn of Le Donald, the Israel govt has been doing a lot more of what Obama stopped him from doing. LOTS of settlement has been built- Emboldened by Trump, Israel Approves a Wave of West Bank Settlement Expansion

Trump also said, “F you” to US-treaties with the Natives on preserving the little land they were given once their ancestors were murdered. It’s been in the treaty to not bring ruin to their land……who’s Trump to pay attention to all that? He’s building the Dakota Pipeline on their land which can make the water of the Natives impure to drink.

Women’s March, Liberal Fake News and White House’s “Issues”

Hi guys I am back 😀 I’ll share some great things I’ve learnt on the net-

Video of women’s march. Make no mistake, this march happened around the globe in the fight against the Republican candidate- LINK

A channel that subscribed to Breitbart news featured a black man- ‘Big Joe’- who shared his opinion on why the Women’s March shouldn’t happen since Trump was elected fairly (hence, he’s perfect) and that minority of violent protesters are what all the protesters are about (quite unlike how the minority of Black criminals shouldn’t be generalized for all blacks? …you obviously see I don’t agree with him). Here’s the video-

Here’s a screenshot I took of  this channel subbed to Breitbart-


Speaking of Breitbart, a lot of advertisers are taking their advertisements off Breitbart 😀 CLICK HERE TO SEE LIST.

I just found out that indeed we were cheated by the news media about the size of the crowd at the inauguration (this is why I trust SOTT more than CNN, Fox, BBC, etc). I honestly believed the pictures I saw spreading across social-media. And I sure wasn’t going to believe some Republican media who never forgets to say ‘Huuuuuuu-Saaaaaayyynnn Obama’ (and this Hussein bombed Muslim countries, but let’s forget that and focus on the Muslim name). Speaking of which, It’s not like refugees spilling over (not oil, refugees) into USA already have a tight system, often months before they get the ‘ok’ to enter the country. But “”Trump is also “ending Syrian refugee program and a suspension of Muslim majority country visas.””- Esquire

I want you look at the picture below before you read the next news

Donald Trump looked slightly sheepish as he held up an LGBT flag given to him by an audience member

I showed this picture as a ‘solid’ evidence of how Trump ‘showed’ you all because now the “ immediately wiped pages on LGBT rights, civil rights, climate change, and health care from its “issues” section after Donald Trump took the oath of office.”- The Daily Beast

They now have these as issues-


Here’s a satirical video of 5 Things to Know about Kellyanne Conway