Short News: 4-Feb-17

1.Louvre museum is locked down after soldier shoots machete-wielding man screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ as he tried to tried to enter the building. Now he’s in custody- caught before he’s caused serious damage. I wanted to share an article about one country that’s actively removing ISIS by doing surprise searches in the houses of suspects. I forgot the title but if I can find it again I’ll share it.

2. Trump took some sanctions off Russia so that export of US-tech goes into Russia. This is making Dems nervous about the possibility of Trump taking more sanctions apart.

3. A Kansas man (not ‘Terrorist Suspect’, but ‘Kansas man’) was accused of plotting bombs on Somali immigrants.

4. Gina Haspel who had an “extensive role” in torturing detainees” is Trump’s select for the new CIA Deputy Director. The first female CIA Dep. director (who was chosen by Obama) is Avril Haines. Although Kellyanne Conway gave alternative facts regarding her being the first female to hold this position-

5. Recently I’ve been hearing about a ‘Milo-event’ on twitter when Trump complained about his women protestors. I am late to the news but here’s what I found- A Trump supporter at a Milo event shot an anti-fascist  protester- and walked away with no charges-  Trump Fan Who Shot Anti-Fascist Protester Set Free While Journalists Face 10 Years in Prison for Doing Their Jobs

6. My developing country- Bangladesh- has recently experienced a massive rise in crime by youngsters.

Many parents give their kids inordinate amounts of cash, gadgets and cars in lieu of their time, guidance and affection. Others think religious education is the only way to keep them on track, forgetting the dangers of distorted notions of religion that have given rise to militancy.- When children resort to crime

7. Trump threatens Mexican president with sending troops to attack  ‘bad hombres’ going into US if President Pena Nieto doesn’t get his act straight (You know?). Fox News lied that Trump was referring to Mexican drug-traffickers when “The excerpt of the call did not detail who exactly Trump considered “bad hombres,”

8.Looking into the lies of the White House on Trump’s recent raid