Short News: 4-Feb-17

1.Louvre museum is locked down after soldier shoots machete-wielding man screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ as he tried to tried to enter the building. Now he’s in custody- caught before he’s caused serious damage. I wanted to share an article about one country that’s actively removing ISIS by doing surprise searches in the houses of suspects. I forgot the title but if I can find it again I’ll share it.

2. Trump took some sanctions off Russia so that export of US-tech goes into Russia. This is making Dems nervous about the possibility of Trump taking more sanctions apart.

3. A Kansas man (not ‘Terrorist Suspect’, but ‘Kansas man’) was accused of plotting bombs on Somali immigrants.

4. Gina Haspel who had an “extensive role” in torturing detainees” is Trump’s select for the new CIA Deputy Director. The first female CIA Dep. director (who was chosen by Obama) is Avril Haines. Although Kellyanne Conway gave alternative facts regarding her being the first female to hold this position-

5. Recently I’ve been hearing about a ‘Milo-event’ on twitter when Trump complained about his women protestors. I am late to the news but here’s what I found- A Trump supporter at a Milo event shot an anti-fascist  protester- and walked away with no charges-  Trump Fan Who Shot Anti-Fascist Protester Set Free While Journalists Face 10 Years in Prison for Doing Their Jobs

6. My developing country- Bangladesh- has recently experienced a massive rise in crime by youngsters.

Many parents give their kids inordinate amounts of cash, gadgets and cars in lieu of their time, guidance and affection. Others think religious education is the only way to keep them on track, forgetting the dangers of distorted notions of religion that have given rise to militancy.- When children resort to crime

7. Trump threatens Mexican president with sending troops to attack  ‘bad hombres’ going into US if President Pena Nieto doesn’t get his act straight (You know?). Fox News lied that Trump was referring to Mexican drug-traffickers when “The excerpt of the call did not detail who exactly Trump considered “bad hombres,”

8.Looking into the lies of the White House on Trump’s recent raid


Some Daily-Star Posts

“Erdogan is using this failed coup to get rid of the last vestiges of secular Turkey.” Some people question the coup and whether it was staged to further consolidate his power, and to turn Turkey into an Islamist autocracy. The amateurish and excessive brutal behaviour of the soldiers on the street, who didn’t even close down all electronic media outlets, including cell phones, and TV stations, raises questions among people whether it was really a coup-attempt, or a false flag operation!- Source


 Fundamental assumptions about the “Global War on Terror” and the promulgation of the so-called Bush Doctrine of Preventive War were rarely debated or even discussed. Vital historical context was almost never provided. “Patriotism” and “national unity” trumped truth. The line between propaganda and journalism was forgotten. Fox was the worst, but the rest of the mainstream media wasn’t much effect


Click on the titles for source

Say what?

The war waged against the Syrian people is a dirty war.  Despite all the injustice and the pain inflicted on every Syrian household, and despite all the blood and destruction, Syrians didn’t give up or give in.  In fact, the exact opposite, as a people, we derive strength from adversity; the increased pressures drive us to be more defiant.-2 Years Ago: President Bashar al-Assad sworn in for a new term ~

What a speech from Assad. With all the refugees drowning, not being able to find a place, children dying, bombs being dropped out of wherever……..and say what?

Get to the ROOTS.

These leaders not wanting to do anything about ISIS. Telling everyone to deal with it, terrorism will happen. But not going to the root of the issues. A lot of things inspire ISIS, this article After Nice, there’s a new global mood of despondency. Don’t give in to it mentions a couple-

Mr Valls said: “Times have changed, and we should learn to live with terrorism. We have to show solidarity and collective calm.”

ISIS/Al Qaeda ideology of violence rests on a tripod of grievances:

  • Western hypocrisy on human rights, as seen in nearly 70 years of Palestinian suffering
  • Western support for authoritarian regimes in the Muslim world
  • The 2003 invasion of Iraq and the subsequent abuse and disrespect of Iraqi prisoners


A More unlike-Brexit EAC

The Treaty for EAC (East African Community) was signed on 30 November 1999 which helped East Africa’s culture and economic integration.

A large population of the EU has never known what it is to have to demand visas while travelling in the region, or seek work permits to work elsewhere in Europe than their home countries.

Meanwhile, Africans have a completely different experience to this. Africa is the most fragmented continent worldwide, and its people suffer the cost of non-integration on a daily basis. This fragmentation was imposed on Africa. But now we are working to reverse this process, without violating the principle of sovereignty.

.- Britain may have given up on the EU dream, but Africa still wants integration

I was glad to read these ideas for advancements. I feel like I have the most love for Africa because of how I was buzzing to read this article. Anyway, I wish luck to East Africa on their endeavor!

Image by Tomas Munita/ITC


….reports that men in the Peruvian Andes spend approximately half the amount of time as women on caring work while having more access to jobs earning cash. The quinoa boom was therefore a welcome income boost to female farmers who had little in the way of alternative income sources. –Quinoa isn’t a threat to food security. It’s improving Peruvian farmers’ lives

I am glad for these women because of the rise in price of quinoa. It’s sad women have to be doing the house-work plus the work to provide for her family. The latter earns no money, obviously.

Fox News’ Fraud-Expert

Wayne Simmons was once a frequent and strident guest “terrorism expert” for Fox News, until he was arrested and charged with fraud for faking his CIA and military credential..-Former Fox Guest ‘Terrorism Analyst’ Sentenced to Prison For Faking CIA Cred



These were (not) news to me

NEWS 1: MAYOR on the BLM movement!

I am honestly surprised that this guy is a MAYOR to begin with! Why do people make things complicated? You focus on the lives that are in danger NOW, of course all lives matter! Here is a video of the women who live-streamed his bleeding black boyfriend who was shot because he was about to show his ID from his pocket. Here’s the link- Woman Facebook live-streams her dying boyfriend seconds after he is shot four times by a cop…

Here is a meme to capture my thoughts-

GOP channel Fox News unashamedly posted about one guy who was stopped by police and wasn’t shot. As if one guy not being shot was proving that blacks were in no problem here! How does that video of the guy go viral? Just because one young black man doesn’t understand other black men’s issues, IT DOES NOT EXCUSE THE ISSUE. Ya’ll are the grownups, we the Gen X and Gen Z have YOU people, the adults at the Fox News spreading shit like this. Or maybe Fox News aren’t run by adults.


NEWS 2: If it’s a sin to you…..Case closed.

“If this is a sign of how religious liberty claims will be treated in the years ahead, those who value religious freedom have cause for great concern,” Alito said Tuesday in a critical dissent.- A Supreme Court Justice’s Dire Warning for Those Who Value Religious Freedom

! The case was about contraceptives! Contraceptives! Wow! Wow! Contraceptives. Yes, it wasn’t even about abortion! But contraceptives! And case was CLOSED! Contraceptives are used to treat certain painful sicknesses too! But no, if you don’t like it for your personal choices, you can apparently make people suffer for it too

“Trump Jr right here!”

When describing Mayte Lara, Fox News worker Emily Austin says, “So do you think this is real? I didn’t even know Mexicans were that smart.” To save face, she added more racism, “I know that’s fucked up! I didn’t mean it like that…… you guys know that the Chinese guys are always the smartest guys in math class.”

“I love black; I love all people. I don’t care if you’re white, yellow, brown, purple, Jew.”…”The way I used to talk to the Jews in Boca…..They would complain and bitch about everything. I gave a guy, delivered his beer, and he was complaining to me that there was too much head. I knew that he was a stingy asshole and he wasn’t going to give me a tip.”

One guy said, “I think illegals are good.” and in response another reasoned, “You get cheap labor out of them.”

Now a line from a blogger who supported Emily, “ come no ones writing blogs about the 34 minutes and 36 seconds of this video where she’s not talking about chinese people, mexicans, and jews?”

Is she temporarily dismissed off of the Fox network? Or was she actually fired FOR GOOD? Which is true? Anyway, goodday people! Read more HERE.

Murder in Murder Gone Wrong

Here’s a news-part from the one and only “balanced” network- Fox!

“The Russian Air Force bombed U.S.-trained rebels in southern Syria not once, but twice Thursday, and the second wave of attacks came after the U.S. military called Russia on an emergency hotline to demand that it stop, a defense official with knowledge of the attack tells Fox News.”

“They came back and struck again,” the official said about the Russians, visibly angry about the incident.”

Not once, not twice, but so many times thousands of innocent people get killed in mass murder in Syria- and no mention of “visible anger” on that account? At least say something about that  here. US terrorist Obama emptying a whole nation that’s just a tiny bit of it in the video.

I am mad that news-networks subtly show their bias with their articles.Here it appears all pro-airstrike. With quotes taken from people who are only pro-airstrike .Anyway, the whole Fox-news post basically talks of how murders occurred in murders.

I’ll end with a wise quote- “Moscow hopes that the US and partners will not repeat the old mistakes regarding solving the crises by force” -Zakharova
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