Terrifying Trump News

President Bannon is pumping up the Breitbarters

The White house includes list of Islamic Terror attacks around the globe (did they forget the bigger number of people getting bombs and those ending up as refugees, like Muslims droned by the White House? Where’s the list for that?) and misspell ‘attacker’ and ‘San Bernadino’ in their report. Anyway, while you go through this read, remember to read this article on how WH can make a thousand drone-attacks ‘unreported’. Yes, I dislike people only showing one country’s side of things. IS and Whitehouse are both terrorists

Dictator Trump is still going against the constitution-

Adolf Trump also introduced a bill to stop collecting data on the ‘What do you have to lose?’-people

I subscribed to the RSS-feed of Amy Siskind who compiles a list of things Trump does every week because there are TOO many things that he does for us to read the news of every single one of them. Reading whatever is the current buzz with Trump-news, including the trivial ones, will make you miss out on important news. It’s better to read them in a list and then if you’re interested in one of Trump’s activities from the list, THEN search for whatever news you want to read about Trump. Here’s this week’s list of Trump-doings.